Breaching The Guardian Dimension

Breaching The Guardian Dimension by Cory Richardson

a.k.a. Sustained Augmented Brain Energy Retransmitting (SABER) Ladder.

In the 2090’s, mind manipulating “4M” devices are used extensively for “rehabilitation” and have advanced to the point of a bold new usage – breaching the guardian dimension or, as some call it, supernatural exposures.


Coming of age in the 2090’s, friends Marcus, Randi, Vamir and Meagan soon find themselves working at a prestigious government-funded supernatural research facility.  Something goes wrong after Marcus’ very first “exposure.”  His friends watch in disbelief as other employees mysteriously die right after their 4M experiences.  It is not clear whether they’re victims of machine malfunctions, the guardians or something else.

During the mayhem, Randi and Meagan find the “something more” in their relationship that Randi has been longing for all along.  Like their favorite song, it’s para, para, paradise.  But something connected to the research program dooms the girls’ alliance.

The four friends’ relationships are tested as they attempt to work together to figure out why people in the program have been dying for eight years and what can be done to right some of the damages.  The answers lie in where the 4M machines can go.

The action, adventure, suspense, love-triangles and sci-fi twists will thrill you from the first page.

About the Author: Cory Richardson lives in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A.

Randi and Meagan’s characters are probably a lot like, well, hmm…


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