Silicon Facades

Silicon Facades by Cory Richardson.  Find this book also at Smashwords.

Silicon Facades:  How our online presence in the early 2000′s evolved into the government’s digital social tool of the 2130’s to pigeonhole citizens into social classes and control their every activity, even where babies come from.

Silicon FacadesIn 2133, Darren and his pregnant wife, Amber, a smart, drop dead stunning brunette, desperately seek ingenious and mostly criminal methods to raise their status, having dropped to the lowest social class because of circumstances affecting their government issued Score.  Take the roller coaster ride with the exploits of Darren and Amber and their shocking nonconformist ways of playing against the system’s outrageous rules.

About the Author: Cory Richardson lives in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A.




Amber’s character is probably a lot like, hmm…


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